Einladungsflyer F e s t l i c h e    K u n d g e b u n g Rigaer Straße 17. September


Bitte gern an alle Nordkiez-Bewohner*innen weitergeben und zum Mitmachen einladen!

Nordkiez ist bunt Einladungsflyer schwarz/weiß

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on the 17th of September 2016 we will rally for diversity. Issues like rising rents, gentrification and the definition of Rigaer Straße as a danger zone concern us all. We want to create an opportunity for Nordkiez people to meet. We want to introduce ourselves, get to know you, create a space for communication and solidarity.

Take a stand

With a festive rally we protest against gentrification, we protest against the abuse of our Kiez for electoral campaigns and we make full use of our right to a say. Neither permanent police presence nor new high-end real estate help to preserve the open-mindedness and diversity for which Nordkiez is known.

We invite everybody to get together with us, rally with us, participate. Speeches, workshops, donations and creative interventions are more than welcome. We look forward to hearing from you, each Wednesday at 8 pm at the infoshop “daneben” in Liebigstraße 34.

Join us, participate, get involved!

Your neighbours

For donations:
Hedwig-Wachenheim-Gesellschaft e. V. “Nordkiez lebt”
Berliner Volksbank eG
IBAN: DE71100900007229585007 BIC:BEVODEBB

nordkiez-vernetzung@riseup.net        nordkiezlebt.noblogs.org

ViSdP Jugendwiderstandsmuseum R. Fonseca, Rigaer Str. 9, 10247 Berlin